Water Tank Cleaning and Repairs

Mobi-Kair Waikato have provided water tank services across the central North Island since 1999.

We provide a range of services: Water Tank Cleaning, Water Tank repair/plastering, House Cleaning and Drain Unblocking.

Water Tank Cleaning

To ensure safe drinking water and good water pressure it is essential to have your water tank cleaned regularly.

Our service offers the following:

  • Interior wash and sludge removal
  • We can store and treat your existing water and return it to the tank after cleaning (up to 15,000 litres)
  • Water Treatment
  • We can arrange delivery of fresh water for you
Water Tank Repair and Re-plastering
At around 25% of the cost of buying a new tank - re-plastering is a great option and to give you peace of mind we offer a 3 year Guarantee on our Plastered Water Tanks.
  • Available only for concrete water tanks.
  • 3 year Guarantee
Other Services
  • House Cleaning
  • Moss and Mould control on roofs
  • Drain Unblocking
  • Beach-side sand-based water bores

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